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  • Coming full circle

    Coming full circle0

    By Glenda McCarthy When Brad Pilgrim accepted the position of Campus Manager for the St. Anthony campus in October 2015, it brought his decade-long professional journey full circle. Coming from a family of educators, Brad knew early-on which path would be the best fit for him. “Both of my parents and my sister are teachers

  • Together, through thick and thin

    Together, through thick and thin0

    By Glenda McCarthy Every once in a while you come across a person with an outstandingly positive outlook on life. Upon meeting Melanie Oliver you will realize she is such a person. With her complete faith and humility, it came as no surprise to many that Melanie, along with her mother Patricia, father Bruce and

  • The music in me

    The music in me0

    By Gina MacArthur If the first time you met Chris Mercer was at a party, and you happened to mention that you really like jazz, you’d soon find out that he plays guitar. You might even find out that he’s a gifted musician with a deep passion for song writing. But you’d probably never know