• From the ashes of tragedy

    From the ashes of tragedy0

    By Glenda McCarthy Many people can tell you where they were on September 11, 2011 with startling clarity – it is an event that remains seared into the hearts and souls of many, even here in Newfoundland and Labrador. The tragedy of that day also led Darren Butt on a journey which brought him to

  • <span class="entry-title-primary">Staying Sharp</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Regular testing keeps welders on the cutting edge</span>

    Staying Sharp Regular testing keeps welders on the cutting edge0

    By Glenda McCarthy Like most first-world nations, Canada has specific rules and regulations which govern fusion welding of steel for structural fabrication in the construction of buildings. As such, welders employed by a Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certified company must qualify through a CWB practical test every two years. Labrador West campus became a CWB

  • Thinking outside the box

    Thinking outside the box0

    By Glenda McCarthy It’s a perfectly normal occurrence to hear students belting out songs when you walk past Deidra Strowbridge’s classroom. And while you would expect that from Music Industry and Performance students, it’s not something you expect from a Business Administration class. Deidra, who teaches at the Clarenville campus, has been described as someone

  • Success built on foundation of hard work – and an education from CNA0

    By Glenda McCarthy To say Terry Power has had a pretty impressive career would be an understatement. Originally from St. Mary’s Bay, Terry graduated from high school with honours. He was expected to attend university but after a year-and-half of, as he puts it, “wandering aimlessly” he still couldn’t figure out what to do with

  • Newfoundland’s Cake Boss

    Newfoundland’s Cake Boss0

    By Glenda McCarthy “I didn’t choose cake decorating, cake decorating chose me.” Those simple but heartfelt words from Yolande Modica sum up her journey to become known as the Cake Boss of Newfoundland. The 37-year-old mother of two fondly recalls the first time she decorated a cake while she was a high school student working

  • <span class="entry-title-primary">Top of his game</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Graduate's passion for work turns into international recognition</span>

    Top of his game Graduate's passion for work turns into international recognition0

    By Glenda McCarthy The smell of sawdust and the roar of power tools may not come to mind when you think of creating art, but for Justin Bennett these familiar sights and sounds are all a part of his craft. The 20-year-old cabinetmaker is at the top of his game, creating beautiful hand-crafted cabinets and