• Soaring to new heights

    Soaring to new heights0

    By Minal Abhange The aviation industry has brought Melissa Barton to new heights. Growing up in Gander, a community known for its international airport and military connection, Melissa knew her career path would involve airplanes. A graduate of CNA’s Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technician (AMET) program, and now as a program instructor, Melissa simply loves the

  • <span class="entry-title-primary">Titanic Expedition</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">CNA alumni capture 4K images of the RMS Titanic </span>

    Titanic Expedition CNA alumni capture 4K images of the RMS Titanic 0

    By Minal Abhange For many, the only glimpse they will ever have of the RMS Titanic is what they see in the movies, documentaries or museums. But there is now another way to get a close up view of this historical passenger ocean liner that sank in the north Atlantic Ocean in April 1912, and

  • Reshaping stereotypes

    Reshaping stereotypes0

    By Minal Abhange Changing attitudes and empowering women is exactly what Catherine Kenway was setting to do when she decided to pursue a career in trades. “The sheet metal trade is one of the most varied and diversified of all the skilled trades — a lot of work we do involves reading plans, determining materials